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"Hear my cry for help, my King and my God, for to You I pray."
Psalm 5:2


We are a 501(c)(3) public charity as recognized by the Internal Revenue Service. All donations to our ministry are tax deductible. We also are happy to accept your non-cash contributions.

Please contact us to arrange for in-kind donations.


Seeking skaters and their families for Christ.


Our mission is to show the love of Christ to skaters and their families. For those who already have a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, we want to encourage and strengthen them in their walk, both on and off the skateboard. For those who have yet to come to know Christ, it is our great joy to try to show Christ to them every day.


The debate has lasted millennia: what became of Malchus?


The servant of the high priest (John 18:10) whose name was "My King" came as an enemy of Christ to lead Him to His death. The overzealous Peter cut off Malchus' ear. Christ did not treat Malchus as the enemy he was, but He healed Malchus’ ear instead. Christ’s last miracle before His death was to heal his enemy.  


So what became of Malchus? Did he continue down the path he was on towards his death? Did he only accept Christ as the Roman soldiers did and crown Him with mockery and thorns? Or did he accept Christ as the King that He is and crown Him with the diadem He deserved? What about us? We came as His enemy. Do we accept His healing? Do we truly accept Him as King and live our lives to prove our acceptance?


Charles Haddon Spurgeon wrote, "If your hearts are not right within you, you have only crowned Him with thorns; if you have not given Him your very soul, you have in awful mockery thrust a sceptre of reed into His hand. Your very religion mocks Him. Be honest and bring no crown if you do not accept Him as King."

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